Jan 8, 2012

My worriness

Hye peeps~
Sihat tak?
Hopefully you are doing fine.
Those who have examination, good luck!
Those who struggle with assignments *like me. tons of it!*, well done! Hehe...

Well, lately I'm not doing my very best *I guess*.
Just by doing my EXTRA effort, hopefully it will pay off with something good.
Just worried about few things about me. And other people worried about me as well.
Firstly, due to my feelings on having NO FEELINGS.
For instance, just a few days ago, I had lost my greeny pendrive that I treasured for almost 4 years.
 My bad. I guess.
Forgot to take it back from the computer lab that I used. 
Just walk away without checking on it.
Only when a few days later I realized that that greeny pendrive is not with me.
Very bad.
But when that happened, NOT the PENDRIVE that I worried for.
But my own FEELINGS that I'M NOT WORRIED I had lost that pendrive.  
Plus, very positive about it. 

Then, about my driving skills.
Not like I don't know how to drive but then, just incompetence.
Long time not drive 'that' car.
That's why people around me are worried about me.
Thanks for worrying about me.
But then, when is the ample time for me to improve?
I'm not saying that I'm confident or too confident.
But again, I wanna take those challenge.
Challenging myself.
Bagi leher untuk dikerat.
I guess. Hehe.
Also those people who gonna be with me.
In that car. Pity them. Hehe.

Hm... again. That's me.
Worrying things that I shouldn't have to.
Just don't want to make it difficult.
I just don't want to be like other person who are always don't want to challenged themselves.
Like to be under the hat BUT not to be outside it.
Wear it and proud of it.
*but not with SILLY proud of it ya'*

Just want to be me, me and me.
Take all the challenges *If mampu buat*.

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