Oct 31, 2010

Day 1

My first paper for final exam... this semester.

Subject: Social Work for Community Service
Time: 2.30 p.m
Mood: Nervous *first day, maa...*

Pray for me for be able to answer this final exam... amin~

Oct 29, 2010

Fly Me Away Lyrics ~ Annie Little

Silver Moons and paper chains,
Faded maps and shiny things.
You're my favorite one-man show.
A million different ways to go.

Will you fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Painted scenes, I'm up all night.
Slaying monsters, flying kites.
Speak to me in foreign tongues.
Share your secrets one by one.

Will you fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Now I cant think what life was like
Before I had you by my side.
Cant say what I'd do without you,
Knowing what its like to have you.

Hidden walk ways back in time.
Endless stories, lovers cry.
In my mind I've been set free.
Will you take this Journey
You and Me?

Will you Fly me away?
Take me away with you,
My love.

Fly me away with you,
My Love.

Take me away with you,
My Love. 

p/s: sangat comey lagu ni~ woot! woot!

I'm... in the Middle.

Hari ni sepatutnya hari yang bermakna buat my CF. Tapi rupa-rupanya bukan... I yang tak empathy. Obviously, I know nothing! Null! Did a birthday bash for him tapi taklah sebesar mana pun. Ala kadar je... tapi kenyang. 
Tapi riak mukanya sedih. I know he's not in the mood. I know that face. Familiar to me. Tapi I yang tak empathy... kot. Memaksa dia.Sebelum naik angin, my classmates pujuk I and diorang yang pergi panggil dia. Then, dia okay kot. So, it runs smoothly. Tapi lepas tu dia nak cakap something. Macam nak bagi speech. I feel uneasy. Negatives feelings. Yang classmate I pulak dok huha huha. 
Bersorak-sorak. Me? Still sitting like a statue. 
Bila dia mula berkata-kata, dia cakap banyak benda. But mostly about me. We are getting apart. Like a paper which is about to tear. Dia cakap sorry coz not being able to be close as usual. Juga banyak benda. Tapi yang paling focus, about Miss T and him. 
I admit that I'm jealous. Juga dia ada cakap yang I dah ada Cik Nad disisi I. I tak perlukan my CF. BUT... before made an assumption, let's read this story... *I still can't forget that moment*

"Pada suatu pagi, I berjalan menuruni tangga dengan Cik Nad. Macam biasa bergosip-gosip sambil ke cafe untuk mengisi perut. Masa tu dok pening dengan subject Statistics coz petang tu ada midterm exam. Bila dah anak tangga terakhir, tiba-tiba terdengar suara my BF CF tengah berborak-borak with someone. Hati ni memang excited sebab dah lama tak jumpa. Dah berkira-kira nak tegur dia as usual rituals. Then nampak Miss T kat sebelahnya. Still excited. Tak rasa apa pun. Then nampak kami. TAPI dia hanya tegur Cik Nad je. Still waiting. Then dengan laju dia jalan beriringan dengan Miss T. Sampailah ke cafe. I ada kat situ tapi MACAM TAK WUJUD. Not even 'hi' for me. He choose Miss T over me! Am I nothing to you? Dia terus jalan dengan Miss T dan jauh tinggalkan I. Tiba-tiba Mr. WLH lalu kat tepi sambil cakap, 'eh! Kak Ann dah tak makan dengan Mr. B ke?' Haisshhh!! Kalau ada air mata, dah lama bergenang dan meleleh. Tapi hanya sekadar muka dan hidung je merah-merah. Tengok buku Statistics pun dah tak nampak apa dah!"

That's the end of my story... What do you think about that story? I'm okay before that incident happened. No harm. No jealousy
Feel free if he wanted to have another friend.
Mungkin part yang I cakap tadi kot... Sebab I dah ada Cik Nad. Maybe I don't need him anymore. 
You are totally wrong Mr. CF! i need both! I need both gender as my friends. 
I need my girlfriends and boyfriends *means friends*.
But between Cik Nad and Mr. B, can't be helped. It's your own issues and I have no right to interrupt. Getting worst if I do so. Am I right?
Thus, I never choose either one and I'm... in the Middle right now...

Oct 26, 2010

Let's burn the Midnight Oil~

Days will never awaits you...
It's becoming past and we're heading towards the future...
The most important is here and now...
With this...
I would like to wish you...

Fills your brain with whatever your lecturers had taught you!!!

Oct 25, 2010

Exam nak dekat! Yay!

Okeh! Masa-masa kritikal bersama-sama group mates dah pun berlalu. Sekarang ni masa-masa kritikal nak menyiapkan segala bagai assgnment pulak. Juga exam yang start Ahad ni. What?!! Ahad ni? *pura-pura terkejut macam reaksi Cik Nad* 
Sekarang ni tengah mengambil mood nak menaip book review. 
Tajuknya "Tentang Cinta" 
Apakah itu?! *kau jangan pura-pura tak tau lagi yer*....

Okeh! cerita one by one dulu. Ni exam lists:
♥ 31/10 - Social Work
♥ 2/11 - UNGS (Fiqh)
♥ 4/11 - Career Counseling
♥ 6/11 - Basic Statistics
♥ 10/11 - Group Counseling
♥ 11/11 - Islamic Approach
♥ 13/11 - Individual Appraisal

Assignment dan segala bagai yang belum di submit:
♥ Book Review - Tentang Cinta
♥ Collage - Counseling Skills
♥ Compilation of Inventories
♥ Report Client 

*maafkan saya Dr. sebab lewat submit~*

Jadinya, sekarang logout ini belog yer. Buat assignment dulu!!

Mood: Zee Avi - Just You & Me...
~ I ♥ You, Mr. P ~ 

Just You and Me...

You were sitting at the coffee table
where you're reading Kierkegaard
Minutes later, you proceeded to say
something that almost broke my heart

You said, "Darling, I am tired of livin' my routined life.
There's so much in the world that i'd like
to soak up with my eyes."
Well, baby i never did stop you from going out to explore
We can do it all together from the colds of the poles
to the tropics of Borneo

Ba da da ba da...

Let's pack our bags
and lie on the easy stream
feel the water on our backs
where we can carry on dreamin'
where we can finally
be where we'd like to be
Darlin', just you and me

Just you and me...

So Darlin', what do you say?
Does that sound like a plan to you?
We can build our own little world
where no one else can come through
We can live in huts made out of grass
we can greet father time as he walks pass
we can press our feet into the dirt
a little mud, no, it wouldn't hurt

Ba da da ba da ba...

Let's pack our bags
and lie on the easy stream
feel the water on our backs
where we can carry on dreamin'
where we can finally
be where we'd like to be
Darlin', just you and me

Just you and me.. 

Oct 23, 2010

Deep Green

Just make a pledge.
Just go for GREEN.

Let's make a pledge to make our home is the safest place to live.
Just click here (click it ♥)

Assignment vs. Duit

Alhamdulillah dah kurang sedikit bebanan. Cuma tinggal berbaki jer. Tapi masih berbuku dihati ni. Biasalah kalau dah buat assignment dalam group. Semua kepala lain-lain. Kalau suruh buat Personality Plus ni, memang ada macam-macam perangai dominant yang berbeza. Dah hampir seminggu macam ni. Stress, stress dan stress.

Alhamdulillah juga dapat handle dengan baik. Cuma sekarang ni ada yang masih terlepas. Isunya sekarang, "tak dapat buat assignment, maka digantikan dengan print and tolong binding kan sekali assignment" Agak-agak nilainya sama ke dengan ilmu walaupun hanya kena taip 1 page je? Kalau total harga kesemuanya hanya RM5, maka harga assignment tu RM5 jugak ke? For me, there is priceless BUT have own value to be counted. Bigger than the amount that have to pay. Nak atau tak, just have to accept because of time constrain. Let it be and that is the "price" that I have to pay. And now, just relax and smile...

.:: Pictures: Google ::.

Oct 20, 2010

Just in one breath_Part II

R.a.s.a s.a.k.i.t h.a.t.i n.i.e.

M.a.c.a.m n.a.k j.e m.e.n.j.e.r.i.t t.a.p.i m.u.s.t.a.h.i.l k.o.t.

S.e.b.a.b S.T.R.E.S.S i.t.u b.a.i.k.

T.a.p.i k.a.l.a.u o.v.e.r p.u.n a.k.a.n a.f.f.e.c.t j.u.g.a.k.

B.e.r.s.a.b.a.r.l.a.h y.e.r w.a.h.a.i H.A.T.I.


Oct 19, 2010

Just in one breath

I p.r.a.y f.r.o.m H.i.m t.h.a.t t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g w.i.l.l b.e a.l.r.i.g.h.t 



Oct 17, 2010

Less Power to Speak Up

I'm not suppose to say any negative things or any sadness but I have to my dear blog... 
I need clear up my mind before proceed to my next assignment which I had planned to submit it tomorrow. 
By just reading from my title there, maybe you'll say that I have no guts to speak up but I had tried it before. 
So, paham-paham sendirilah maksudnya. Takkan nak berulang-ulang cakap. 
Nanti meluat pulak. But I don't know whether it is my fault or my lecturer's fault.

It was starting from the beginning of this semester. 
My lecturer was decided to choose her own groups for this subject. 
So, we (my usual group mates and me) have to split!! I thought it will be no problem but now, until almost to the end of semester, mine was in a big trouble. 
Just let me put it like this.... 
They Are Individualistic person. 
Just maybe because "we" (my group mates for now) have to work together, but PLEASE, at least only for the sake for this subject. 

This Wednesday will be a class presentation. BUT we didn't progress much (I think). Then, semalam text one of my group mates. Tanya progress. Tapi macam tak risau pape jer. I'm jealous with other groups. Bersungguh-sunggah bersama untuk menyiapkan assignment. Bekerjasama. 

FYI, I dah pun bagi my part since last Wednesday. I dah buat benda tu dah lama dah.
 Bila tanya nak bagi bila, just cakap, "Nantilah dulu," Hati panas je tapi sabar. 
Bila lecturer cakap kena present, baru semua orang cuak. 
Tanya antara satu sama lain. 
Dalam hati hanya mampu berkata, "Tulah. Orang dah cakap tak nak dengar," 
I had done part of my responsibility. Cuma tinggal sekarang kena buat sama-sama je tapi entah ler. 
Hati ni tak sedap jer... 
BARU jer tadi group mates yang lain texting I tanya "Ruzan, group kita macam mana eh?" OOooooowwwHHHHH!!! Rasa mau sepak jer! 
Kenapa baru sekarang nak bertanya????????????????????????????????

I cuma nak menyenangkan kerja. Buat awal-awal kan senang.
Dahlah banyak sangat kena analisis. Even group lain pun ada masalah. Ni kan k.a.m.i!
At least buat awal-awal, kalau tak paham, boleh jer tanya orang lain kan?
I can sense that kena stay malam dan jumpa buat discussion.
Cuti hari minggu dah berakhir.
You know what...
PLEASE, try to avoid jumpa malam-malam buat assignment.
Yang sepatutnya boleh buat time WEEKEND!

10 Things About Ruzanna Rahman

  1. Suka jalan laju-laju! Sesiapa yang follow dari belakang or temankan gi jalan-jalan, alamatnya you left behind! Say bye, bye je la...
  2. Food Lover~~! I might look soooooo skinny but beware! Kalau ajak makan-makan, usually my friends takut tengok I makan. ngeee~~~
  3. I sangatlah garang! Tak caya? Tanyalah all my students. 
  4. I suka beg besar-besar. Tak kira pergi ke kelas or jalan-jalan. Sebab? Senang nak sumbat semua barang!
  5. Sangat bosan dengan warna hitam or beige. Jadinya sekarang most of my apparels berwarna putih.
  6. Tak suka mengemas rumah or bilik. Tapi sekarang kena belajar a.k.a paksa diri jugak. I prefer to cook than do housekeeping ~_~
  7. I ada good bestfriend since standard 6. I love her!
  8. Dulu-dulu, I sangat mementingkan masa. My father's who influenced me. Tapi sekarang kurang begitu. Influenced by my environment including friends. Tapi kalau benda-benda yang penting, I akan jadi yang sama and quickly get angry bila orang lain lambat datang.
  9. I tak suka adhoc!
  10. I ada seorang kawan baik yang suka tidoq dalam class. Tiap kali terlelap, terpaksa menyiku or buat-buat ketuk meja. Manalah tau kot-kot lecturer tegur dia. Kang dia jugak yang malu. Ngeee~~

Are you gonna leave me behind?

Definately I won't allow tht to be happen! Well, more than 2 years we had been together. Cuma this semester je kita berpisah seketika. I miss my old days and memory that we engraved together since the first day we met. We are too close in this relationship. Even though, banyak mulut yang menjaja cerita kita berdua. 
Are we as a couple? NO! 
Are we scandal? NO! 
But we are close friend. 

Maybe this term won't be enough for us to state it. 
We are in love and care BUT just as a close friend...
From the bottom of my heart, sorry I couldn't spend much time with you. Since from that day, when I saw you with her. Really close until you can't even see me just in front of you. 
Am I jealous? I DO because you got someone else for you to lean on. To be hold you when you are sad. When you are alone. Or when you need someone to cry on. 

Now, I'm just a STRANGER to you. Maybe just a GOOD SAMARITAN.
I don't even know if I did something bad to you. Or anything wrong that hurt you badly.
I try my best to fulfill whatever you need from me *with limitation*
Few days ago, you still trying to ignore me. 
Why? Am I that bad? Or you doesn't need our friendship anymore?

Well... next year we will be handle a programme together.
I hope this complicated things will be settled...
Just you and me...

Oct 15, 2010

Pre-Register 2010/2011

Sila click kat picture tu...
Agak-agak banyak tak?
Nah! Amik kau!!!
 EXTRA struggle sebab nak melayakkan diri join practicum...
Doakan yer~~

Oct 9, 2010

Blushing dowhhhh!!! *but I like it!*

Baca entry ni (Gonna Miss You, Darling)...baru paham.

Motif post this entry?
Suka sangat-sangat~~
Jangan marah Cik Nad..

Tips Menghilangkan Kelemumur

Girls with dandruff??!! 
Well... I'm having that kind of problem. 
Banyak sangat tips-tips yang boleh mengurangkan masalah ni. 
Antaranya pakai shampoo anti dandruff. 
Tapi kan, kadang-kadang tak menjadi pun. 
Ala-ala kelemumur tegar! Hehe... 
Bila berkelemumur ni, rambut-rambut pun senang gugur dan berminyak. 
Nak simpan rambut panjang-panjang pun agak scary~~~ 
So, I have to cut it short. *uuuuwaaaaa!!* 
Ada beberapa sebab rambut mudah berkelemumur. 

  • Kulit kepala yang kurang sihat
  • Hormon berubah-ubah
  • Tekanan
  • Penggunaan hair product yang berlebihan
  • Jarang-jarang bershampoo dan cara yang salah untuk bershampoo
  • Terlebih amik makanan bergula dan berlemak
  • Genetik
  • Terlebih memdedahkan rambut bawah matahari

*aiseh! Dah macam pakar Dermatology pulak*

Banyak shampoo yang Ann dah try BUT it doesn't works!
The solution: use traditional way!
Inaikan rambut anda!
Sangat berkesan untuk kali pertama pemakaian.
Steps nye senang aje!:

  1. Lumurkan
  2. Urut
  3. Biarkan
  4. Cuci
Selain treatment, perlu menjaga rambut dengan: 
  • Memakan lebih banyak buah-buahan
  • Well-balanced food
  • Kurangkan strong tea/coffee *sigh! I do love coffee, anyway*
So, selamat mencuba!

Gonna Miss You, Darling~

I start to miss you, honey~
I wish I could see you again...
Hugs and kisses with tender love.
Miss your smiles and you voice...
Wish you were here and again I could hold you just one more time, baby~
I love and miss you...

Zaheen Az-Zahra


Ini adalah anak buah Cik Nad.
Jadi babysitter for just a moment.
She's soooo cranky and tooooo depending to has people around her.
Takpe Zaheen! Nasib kau comel!
Dia jugak suka bergambar!
Kedua-dua pics ni diambil masa dia tengah merengek.
TAPI bila tau je orang nak tangkap pic dia, boleh pulak dia tersenyum!
Aiseh! Again... Takpe Zaheen! Nasib kau comel!

*Zaheen, please don't tarik my tudung~!!*

Hope you can keep on smiling and makes your parents proud.
You can be naughty *maaf Cik Nad 'coz menggalakkan dia* 
BUT always shows respects towards other people around you...
Hope to see you someday with the same smile on your face~

Oct 8, 2010

Ikea buat online catalogue??!!

Nak tau tak? IKEA sekarang dah buat online catalogue! (klik sini) Dowh! *suka! suka!* Sebelum  ni kan selalu jer dapat katalog warna-warni berkulit tebal. Sangat asyik kalau dapt tengok katalog tu because I wish *someday* I'll have a bedroom same as in the pictures! Macam budak-budak je excited nyer... Tapi memang memang best kalau dapat yang macam tu.

Okeh! Ann tak dapat nak tunjukkan pictures TAPI boleh terus link kat sini (kilik sini). Ada benda yang menarik tau~~ Boleh mix and match your own bedroom~~ *suka! suka! nanti nak suruh my future husband belikan* So, jangan lengah-lengahkan tau 'coz sangat menarik!

Oct 7, 2010

Just a few words to say...

Well, sesiapa yang singgah kat my blog ni mesti macam agak bosan 'coz tak meng-update benda-benda baru... banyak je cerita nak dikongsikan tapi masa tak mengizinkan untuk mengomel panjang-panjang. Student life macam ni lah. Tapi agak relax berbanding masa kerja kat childcare center dulu. Hectic gila! Not a single minute can take a rest and have a chit chat or daydreaming! Childcare center yang Ann tempat keje dulu is not usual place. Unlike TYPICAL people says that BEING A CAREGIVER OR KINDERGARTEN TEACHER is EASY AS ABC! Sangatlah tipu! Tak caya??! Ask my younger brother (klik cini)... Anyway, he just started his blog. So belum ada entry pun. Apa-apa pun feel free to visit him~~!!

p/s: kenapa entry ni lain eh? hmm... merepek-repek dah ni. Kepenatan selepas balik dari Mandrin class ~_~