Oct 17, 2010

Are you gonna leave me behind?

Definately I won't allow tht to be happen! Well, more than 2 years we had been together. Cuma this semester je kita berpisah seketika. I miss my old days and memory that we engraved together since the first day we met. We are too close in this relationship. Even though, banyak mulut yang menjaja cerita kita berdua. 
Are we as a couple? NO! 
Are we scandal? NO! 
But we are close friend. 

Maybe this term won't be enough for us to state it. 
We are in love and care BUT just as a close friend...
From the bottom of my heart, sorry I couldn't spend much time with you. Since from that day, when I saw you with her. Really close until you can't even see me just in front of you. 
Am I jealous? I DO because you got someone else for you to lean on. To be hold you when you are sad. When you are alone. Or when you need someone to cry on. 

Now, I'm just a STRANGER to you. Maybe just a GOOD SAMARITAN.
I don't even know if I did something bad to you. Or anything wrong that hurt you badly.
I try my best to fulfill whatever you need from me *with limitation*
Few days ago, you still trying to ignore me. 
Why? Am I that bad? Or you doesn't need our friendship anymore?

Well... next year we will be handle a programme together.
I hope this complicated things will be settled...
Just you and me...


nadia said...

huhuhu...tak tau nk ckp apa. kalau korang dua dekat, pasti awk yg akn sakit hati. dia pun akan mkn hati. Dua2 akan terluka. kdng2 rasa lebih baik dua2 tak jumpa sebb dua tak akan sakit hati & makan hati.

Miss Ann ~♥ said...

hm...hardly to say it...just let it be...

kalam said...

hope seme nye akan ok buat ruzx