Oct 2, 2013

Tiny memories means a lot: Examination

This morning reminds me to few years back memories and arwah ayah was in there.
Always and always during UPSR, PMR and SPM, never fails to waited for me at school.
Gave his very best to support with dua' during the important examination days for us.
For him, it is okay to take a week leave and waited at the school canteen everyday.
But this year, it is not meant for my younger brother and sister.
At this moment, gather at the examination hall, give moral support to my form 3 students, it's reminds me to Aja.
Sitting for her important examination without arwah ayah.
And one of my students crying before enter the hall, knowing that his father also passed away few months ago.
Supposedly those emotional stuff should put it away at this moment but that is hard.
I know it is hard...

Just a message for Aja and Aziq...
Just be strong even though it is hard.
Always remember that we still have ibu.
Please make her proud~  

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