Jun 23, 2014

A Promise

Hello June!
Too long 'leaving' this entries.
Well, enjoying the process of learning.
Learn to be a good teacher, be the best daughter and try to serve my husband better.
Improving all these kind of relationships makes me wiser and behave like what I suppose to be.
Try to not to be childish since this year I'm in the 'late' of 20's!
Ehem! Yeah... Tu pun tak sedar diri lagi.
*big grin*

Dan dalam banyak-banyak perjalanan hidup 2014 setakat Jun ni, dan genap setahun sebulan jadi wife orang, the main issue is trying hard to have a baby.
Masa bujang, thinking too hard about my future Mr. Knight.
Well, sometimes get jelous those yang PJJ hanya merentasi Laut China Selatan.
But for me, merentasi benua.
Bukan Sabtu Ahad boleh senang-lenang naik flight sejam dah sampai.
I try not compare. Not even to get jelous.
But then, I'm just a human.
In the first place, I choose not to stay by his side.
But in the end, I surrender.

Dan semestinya kaunselor, hari-hari rasionalkan pemikiran. 
Dan hari-hari juga emosi tercuit.
Tapi hanya Dia Maha Mengetahui.
I never regret for staying in Miri.
I never blame the fate.
I never fail to ensure that everyday I try wake up early in the morning and skype with him.
I never fail to say 'I love you, abang' in every conversation.
And I never fail to believe that I aim to be his side by next year.

And I hope I choose the correct path.

P/s: wait the final entry from Paris!

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