Jan 31, 2011

Congratz My Beloved Friend~

Congratulation to Mr. Gengta Tan & Mrs. Joanne Ho Yee San...
And thanks for your wedding invitation.
Really have a wonderful wedding ceremony and enjoy it very much~
May both of you will have a very blissful life as husband and wife~

Mr. Gengta & Mrs. Joanne

Me, Ain (bestfriend) & Khalik (Ain's Fiance)

Ex-St. Marians~
(Lydia Chew, Esther Chew, Pue Yoon, Pek Yok, Ain & Me)

Ni antara photos yang sempat snaps. Ada je lagi tapi slow gila nak download. Malas nak tunggu...
Congrats again~

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