Sep 14, 2011

4 Years Plan

Hi peeps!
How's your day? Happy? Gloomy? Or... *could be anything*
And my day? Not so good and pleasant to know. Full of stress! This is my third day in add/drop subject. As usual, I predict it will be challenging before these days come. And it's proven!

Anyway, it is not like I don't want to share it with you but just don't know how to simplify it. Make you understand it very well. It's all about system. *sigh* But I just believe that every problems have solutions. There is a will, there is a way. Just bare in mind that He want us to think about it. Everything has hikmah...

Just like yesterday. A sudden plan with Cik Nad and Cik Iffa- out to buy some groceries. But then, have to cancel it because waited too long for a bus. Tired of waiting + will be traffic jam because it almost 5 p.m. So, paham-paham ajelah ye. So, we end up by not going. Suddenly, during on my way back to mahallah, my shoes got problem. Then, when I think about it, maybe that's the reason for "there is NO bus just now". It is just a simple matter but got hikmah...

For my current situation, if there is no solution by tomorrow, I will doom. But it's okay *I guess*. If He wanted me to extend semester, I relakan aje. Redha. It's not like pasrah semata-mata. I did many efforts to ensure that it's not going to happen. I hope that my last chance will give my smile back to me. Positive!

And hope you *the readers* will pray something good will happen tomorrow. Ameen...

So, got to go to class right now. Focusing here and now. See you later! ^_^

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