Sep 24, 2013

Selfie for Selfie

Assalamualaikum semua~
Well, for today I would like to tell about myself!
Err... Not that much important but just write on something as stress releaser.
This week is wayyyyyyyy totally hectic week!
Just would like to introduce to you my current picture with the double eyelids on it!

Owh! Just saw my face with a big-fake-grin!
And can't see the fade blusher that I put on this morning.

Well, my eyes (for those yang kenal I before I did the operation) much similar like before but sometimes both look even. 
The reality, there is a stitch which is still on it and hoping it will stay longer because the doctor says that my eyelids can turn back like before which is no-no double eyelids.
Ergh! Wanted double eyelids sooooo much!
I wish I can go to Korea and have a plastic surgery there.
Huhu *berangan!*

And another story to write on which is about my status.
Still in adapting.
Adapting to Puan, sudah berkahwin, married, hubby ku di Manchester and so forth.
Kalaulah I ada anak, dan, dan depa panggil Madam!
Alahai~ I muda lagi you~!!
And I feel kinda sweet bila ada seorang penceramah ini tanya dan dia seorang lelaki berpangkat Dr. dan Ir. bilamana tanya macam ni...
"Currently where is your hubby?"
Hubby? Okeh! Sweet bila lelaki sebut hubby dan bukan husband.
*buat muka gatai~*

Well, I sik mau cerita lagi. 
Sik ada idea dan yang ni pun dah merepek, merapu dan meraban.
FYI, bersyukur kerana everyday I received at least 2 phone calls from Manchester everyday.
Bila ada broadband, dunia tanpa sempadan dan I wish dia boleh aje tarik I dalam webcam itu.

*I wish it is just nearby >.<*

Urgh! Want to be his side badly and that is why I 'berpura-pura' banyak kerja di sekolah.

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