Sep 30, 2013

Tiny memories means a lot: Pengantin Lama

Bila buat kerja, tiba-tiba teringat my hubby, Cik Nad, En. Rashid and me dekat taman permainan.
Not to forget, the photographer.
Had our photo shoot after wedding day...
It is drizzling for a while...
And while my hubby and I 'busy' with posing in front of the DSLR, can see Cik Nad with her naughty grinning and sometimes laugh at me.
And me, still smiling and a bit blushing when recall that moment. 
Time flies too fast and it is already 4 months old since my wedding day.
I wish I could have those memories again.
Feel that if I have time machine, I would like to have it again.
Abang~ can we have another kenduri next year?
I don't mind if we are pengantin lama


Suria Hana said...

blh je kak buat kenduri. anniversary.

Ruzanna Rahman ~♥ said...

okeh. good idea! hehe