Nov 10, 2013

Pregnant Lady's Story

Happy Sunday peeps!
Well, I'm enjoying my Sunday as 'single-mingle' lady at home.
Doing house chores, stuffed with laundry, cook for lunch and so forth.
What a pleasant Sunday!

So, the story about a pregnant lady?
Well, well, well... Just wait for it...
Let me begin with the 22nd August 2013.
It is Thursday and my first day at Kolej.
Remember that day I'm wearing blue Batik Kurung Moden with yellow hijab.
The first question from one of Kolej's counsellor, "Are you pregnant?"
Ehem! Seems like my fatty-bum looks like baby-bum.
*need to work out with my stomach part.. emmm...*
And of course I deny it even though I wish it is true that I'm a preggy lady after all.
 Then, the question become the most favourite part for the whole Kolej.
How I wish I'm pregnant :) *again*

Few weeks flies so fast and another story came out.
But this time around, the whole Miri knows it especially among the counsellors.
Mana taknya, di Miri sahaja ada 15 buah sekolah menengah.
My story is wayyyyyy too juicy to be heard.
Well, I'm supposed to serve at Sekolah Menengah Sains Miri.
But, the headmistress would like to have the third counsellor which is a man rather than a women.
With the reason that they already have 2 counsellors which are women.
Then, they send my name to Kolej for fulfil the quota.

And last week, I heard a story from my another housemate.
All these time she's away, had her unpaid leave due to delivered her first baby.
Then, she told me something that unchain the whole story for the pregnant lady part.
Well, supposedly, a pregnant lady (a counselor) is posting to this school.
However, she refused to come and ask from KPM to placing her to another school which is in Semenanjung.
She's about to deliver her baby in October. 
So, during the posting, it's still in July.
She can't make it because her condition is not allowing her to fly to Miri.

And that's the Pregnant Lady's Story is all about.
Unchain everything and I'm quite famous due to this story...
Miri kecik je.
Ke mana-mana jua, ceritaku boleh tersebar.

Moral of the story:
Cakap siang, pandang-pandang.
Cakap malam, dengar-dengar.

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