Nov 4, 2013

Tiny Memories Means A Lot: Parent's Blessing

Reminds me few years ago.
On my way to UNGS class by Sir "Pamela-Anderson-Tiger-Wood".
Along the way, I walked by with Cik Nad.
No rushed.
Still remembered that having dilemma about relationship matter.
Annoying when I think about it because it related to my future during that time. 
I have to choose between 3 person that some sort of liking and loving them.
Then, Cik Nad gave her thought and tell me a story.
True story about a counselor who married without parent's blessing.
Quite famous counselor who publish her stories in a newspaper.
In the end of the story, it makes me thinks zillions time.
I did my own self-counselling and istiqarah prayers.
I did ask several people regarding this including my mother especially.
Still hard to me and happens during my university days with plenty of tasks to do.


I choose "the" other...
The one that became part of me.
My other half.
I get my parent's blessing...
Even though I lost my father which he is unable to see my nikah day.
Unable to akad for me...
For me, priority is parent's blessing.
I pray for this blessing, to have long-lasting relationship until our old age together and jannah.
Mohd Fauzihan bin Karim is part of my parent's blessing...

p/s: Cik Nad, did you remember these?


nienadia said...

ingat yg mana Pn Ann? Ustaz Pamela Andreson tu kah? Hehehehe...of coz i msh ingt. kita ckp hal tu time rehat kot. di tepi koridor, sambil memandang post office di depan hs parking tu :)kita berdua berbicara.

Masa tu i nk sgt u pilih "dia" yg i rasa better than "dia". tp Allah knows the best. Dia bg yg lg baik dr "dia" dan "dia" itu.

& sy sgt happy sbb awk dh dpt kebahagian awk tu. & sy doakn kekal hingga ke syurga.

Ruzanna Rahman ~♥ said...

which one is dia? ngee~~
susunan cerita can dlm novel...hehehe..

anyway, hoping that kebahagiaan tu kekal selamanye dunia & akhirat :)