Jul 29, 2009

I need their hugs & kisses..

It had been a few months didn’t meet my children (at nursery... previous workplace). Sangat-sangat merindui mereka! But I don’t think they still remember me because they are still young and with short term memory (3 years old kids and easily forget their “Ruzanna Jia Jia”). I would like and love to go there but I hate to disturb them because it is not proper (nursery is not a public place like playground!). So I decided to meet them during my next semester break (I do hope so!).
Why I’m so desperately miss and want to see them? For a few months I become a teacher there, my children really like me even though I always scold and punish them (they are “troublemaker”). The first month I taught them, I had lost my voice and always caught in flu (they spread the virus to me! Pity me...). They are really afraid if I’m getting angry and start giving punishment. However, they are still in my heart...
The best part, time nak balik rumah (around 5pm). Sangat-sangat suka menyakat. Especially those yang very naughty. Ayat yang paling best...
“Those who are not close their eyes, cannot go home”
“I’ll capture your picture and send it to the office. Then give it to your mummy. Ask her not to come to pick you.”
“Those who are giving me trouble cannot go home but sleep in this room (siap bawa tilam & bantal).”
Ann suka sangat part yang kena capture picture tu coz they really afraid. The famous words, they will say “I DON”T WANT!”. Enough to make them afraid. Haha. Tapi takleh wat selalu. Cian my children. The best part before go home, they will come to me with hugs and kisses. So sweet and touching! Time tu mula la pipi Ann penuh dengan saliva. Huhu.
For me this is the best thing that I ever had. So what about you? Do you love children very much or just so-so? Seperti yang terdapat didalam hadis yang mengatakan mereka diibaratkan seperti sehelai kain putih. Maka parent lah yang bertanggungjawab untuk mencorakkannya. Jika elok coraknya, maka cantiklah mereka dan begitulah disebaliknya.
Oleh itu, hargai dan sayangilah mereka. DO NOT ABUSE THEM!

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