Aug 19, 2009

Takut bola...

Baru-baru ni, Cikgu Rozain yang mengajar The Organizational of School Co-curriculum, suruh kami turun ke Female Sports Center. Kali ni dia suruh main volleyball. For me it is my biggest fear because I HATE BALL!!! I mean bola yang besar-besar. I prefer to play squash rather than volleyball or basketball. I had a bad experiences during my past time. I was been hit by a ball for baseball and football before. Really hurt because it hit my chest and head so hard until sometimes I can't breath very well.

So, to make it short, I was almost cry when I HAVE TO PLAY FOR THE TOURNAMENT!!! If I'm avoiding myself, I won't get any marks for that. By hook & crook I have to overcome my fear even though I HATE doing that... This semester will be disaster for me!!!

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