May 25, 2010

Tag lagi?

Another tag by Cik Syazwani~ Thanx a lot kerana menge-tag Ann...'s the tag~
Rules that should be followed:
  • copy to your notes
  • erase my answers
  • enter yours & 20 other ppl of each following questions
  • they have to be real - NOTHING MADE UP
  • if the person before you had the same first initial
  • you must use different answers
  • you can't use any words twice
  • and you can't use the name for the girl/boy name questions
name: Nur Ruzanna Rahman
4 letters word: L.O.V.E
boy's name: Danial
girl's name: Damia
occupation: Counsellor-in-the-making
colour: Purple
something you wear: Johnson & Johnson baby lotion (the classic one)
food: Nasi with Kapraw
something you found in bathroom: baju-baju yang belum dibasuh (not mine anyway *wink*)
place: Japan
reason to be late: Overslept
something you shout!: Bila tak cukup makan
something you drink: Hot Chocolate
musical group: Westlife
animal: Skunk
street's name: Jalan 2/20
movie title: A Walk to Remember
Anda Yang Ditag: Check your shout box~


syazwani thaharuddin said...

thnx ye bwt ,
yg award tu , click kat gamba
then save image :)

kalam said...

hihi dpt award ?