Aug 4, 2011

First Love

This video sekadar mencuci mata~ I like this song, anyway. reminds me about my past.

"First Love.
Last Love. 
Only Love?"

Well, my first love will be always those who marry me in the future. Siapa? Well, I don't know. I ada je ramai ex-BF tapi bila break, their love dah macam tak effect. Sweet memories semuanya dah gone with the wind. My current BF? No comment. Hehe.

Last love? Will be my only husband. I mean yang akan jadi suami I ler. Tapi kalau curang? Err... will not be my last love kot... *wink~!*

Only love? Just only Him. You know what I mean. The only love that never fade away. Never change. No curang-curang. Absolute love. 

What about you? Think about it ya'~! ^_^

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